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10km Dengan 25 Halangan Di Borneo Mud Challenge – BMC 2015

10km Dengan 25 Halangan Di Borneo Mud Challenge - BMC 2015, Kota Kinabalu

Anda cukup cergas dan daya tahan yang tinggi?

Jika YA, uji kemampuan anda dengan menyertai Borneo Mud Challenge – BMC 2015 yang akan berlangsung pada 27 September 2015 nanti.

Borneo Mud Challenge – BMC 2015 adalah acara lasak sepanjang 10km dengan 25 halangan mencabar. Halangan berlumpur buatan manusia ni direka oleh bekas askar akan menguji keupayaan mental dan fizikal anda.

Acara ini bakal merupakan antara acara yang paling mencabar dianjurkan pada tahun 2015.

Anda berani menyahut cabaran ini?

Informasi lebih lanjut di Borneo Mud Challenge – BMC 2015


Sabah police seek foot-race organisers after participants claim event a fraud

KOTA KINABALU, Sept 22 – Police here are searching for the organisers of an obstacle race scheduled for this weekend after reports were lodged by people claiming the parties responsible have absconded.

City police chief assistant commissioner M. Chandra said that they received six reports as of today on the Borneo Mud Challenge (BMC), and were looking for the organisers who are “missing-in-action”.

“We will find him soon,” said Chandra, adding that the case is under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

Hundreds of participants who signed up for the run scheduled for September 27 at an undetermined venue are crying foul, having paid between RM80 to RM140 in entry fees.

The event’s Facebook page, which was bombarded with queries and vitriol demanding updates and confirmation of the venue, schedule and refunds recently, has been deactivated along with the event’s website.

A third party ticketing website – Ticketbud – states the event is over.

A Facebook group “Borneo Mud Challenge Participants” has since been set up with over 1,000 people joining to vent their anger.

Information posted on the group claims that the last post on the event’s official page was on September 2; since then organiser has been uncontactable, while a check with local authorities found no venues booked, no permits applied for and the organiser’s office was an accounting firm.

Other posts range from pinpointing the person behind the event, speculating on his whereabouts while others are discussing possible methods of getting refunds.

One participant is calling for more police reports to be made to bring the organisers behind the event to justice.

Others are also waiting for the day of the race pack collection on September 25 at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, in the hopes that the event will happen, before making a police report.

The race was meant to be a 10-kilometre run with 25 medium-to-high level obstacle courses, modelled after the Viper Challenge in Sepang with prizes up to RM15,000.

In April, the organisers claimed to have over 600 participations.
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